• Fat Sancho tied by Curtis Fry of Fly Fish Food

    Fat Sancho Fly Pattern Recipe
    Hook: Daiichi 2546 #1 or similar saltwater hook
    Thread: 6/0 UNI-Thread white
    Egg Sac: Light orange Salty Snack Dubbing
    Antennae & back: Black Krystal Flash
    Eyes: Epoxy and mono crab eyes
    Body: Gray Salty Snack Dubbing
    Overbody: Gray Bruiser Blend Dubbing
    Coating: Loon UV Fly Finishes

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  • Sweet Potato EP Crab Fly by Bryan Bowers

    Sweet Potato EP Crab Fly Fly Recipe
    Hook: Gamakatsu #4
    Thread: Danville 210 denier orange
    Tail: orange saddle hackle and marabou and orange Krystal Flash
    Eye: Red mono eyes
    Legs: Brown barred silli legs
    Claws: Orange barred rabbit zonker
    Weight: Barbell eyes
    Body: Olive brownEP Tarantula Hairy Legs and brown EP Streamer Brush (palmered)
    Weed Guard: 50lb mono
    Head: Orange

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  • The Big Ugly – Aaron Adams

    Hook: Mustad 34007
    Thread: Pink Flat Waxed Nylon thread
    Tail: tan craft fur
    Body: Rootbeer Cactus Chenille
    Wing: Tan craft fur
    Weight: XL SS Beadchain eyes
    Sharpee marker for barring