• Sluiceway Special by Tim

    Sluiceway Special Fly Recipe

    Hook: Scud hook #8-#22 – Allen N203
    Bead: Black tungsten bead or black brass bead
    Thread: UNI 8/0 thread black

  • White Marabou Muddler Streamer tied by Masi Perhokalastajatnet

    White Marabou Muddler Streamer Recipe

    Hook: Ken Sawada LD2 #2
    Threads: Benecchi and Lagartun xx-strong 50D
    Tail: White calf tail
    Rib: silver oval tinsel
    Body: Whitlock’s SLF light (cream)
    Throat: Whitlock’s SLF red
    Wing: Grizzly hackle, micro flashabou, white marabou, black marabou
    Head: Deer hair spun and clipped to shape

  • Bass Worm by Ryan Gobert

    Hook: 3xl streamer hook
    Head: Cone head
    Thread: 6/0 Black
    Tail: Purple Estaz w/ purple marabou tied on tip
    Body: Purple Estaz
    Collar: Purple marabou

  • Bass Hopper with Jim Misiura

    Hook: Bass Hook
    Thread: 6/0 Red
    Underbody: Foam
    Tail: Red duck quill
    Hackle: Grizzly hackle
    Body: Green foam cut to shape (sticky back)
    Legs: Hot orange and yellow rubber legs
    Underwing: Chartreuse crystal flash
    Wing: Chartreuse deer body hair