UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier Fly Tying Thread

The UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier fly tying thread is favored by many fly tyers because of it’s abilities. The thread has been engineered and developed specifically with the progressive fly tyer in mind. The thread can easily be tied flat so that wraps are precise and so that unsightly bumps do not form. This is especially important when tying smaller flies and finishing the heads of flies. The thread is not bonded, and that along with the flatness of the thread lends itself to splitting the thread for inserting other materials. items such as dubbing or hackle can be…

Bass Hopper with Jim Misiura

Hook: Bass HookThread: 6/0 RedUnderbody: FoamTail: Red duck quillHackle: Grizzly hackleBody: Green foam cut to shape (sticky back)Legs: Hot orange and yellow rubber legsUnderwing: Chartreuse crystal flashWing: Chartreuse deer body hair